Things People Say



So here are another four barriers that impede effective communication.

  • Language

The language we choose to use depends (or at least it should) on the person we are talking to, the situation we are in and the task at hand; in the case of ineffective communicators instead let things like emotions or personal feelings about the listener to determine the language they use. PRO TIP: Whenever you can, use E-mails instead of speech; they give you greater time to think about the language you can use.


  • Silence

Silence can be interpreted as a tool to get your message across or can mean simple withholding of communication. Silence can also mean keeping quiet about issues that worry you for one reason or another. Silence is rarely, if ever beneficial. PRO TIP: When you feel like giving someone the ‘silent treatment’, write everything down, honest to the core and send it to them. It is easier to say things, without face to face confrontation.


  • Communication Apprehension

Some people experience experience undue tension and anxiety in oral communication, written communication or both. This can adversely affect their job or even personal relationship. While some shyness or nervousness while meeting new people is okay, it can get pathological and start affecting various spheres of one’s life. PRO TIP: Imagine them naked.


  • Lying

The worst part of lying is that we all tend to have different definitions of lying, we tend to have different degrees too, those which are acceptable and those that aren’t. Lying simply put, is misrepresentation of information. In other words, lying is lying. PRO TIP: Anticipate and try to avoid situations that might require you to lie. Once you’re in such a situation you rarely get out without lying.


So that was about communication. Do you have anything specific you want us to right about? Leave your suggestions in the comments!


Photo by Lauren Peng on Unsplash




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