One Good Day

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One good day, when I am having a string of bad days, the psyche feeds itself constant negativity and that creates a downward spiral with me in the middle. Then, I have realised all I need is one good day, that is all it takes to plug the whirlpool. This continuous downward trend comes from not being able to take life one day at a time, one moment at a time and instead seeing it as a cluster of days, months and years. If you look at it, the time that best describes life is the present. If we are doing our present well, we simultaneously take care of our past and the future.

If one can understand and appreciate the enormity of this statement, a good, happy and positive life beckons. All anyone needs to do is ask themselves every time, all the time these three questions:

  • Am I living this moment well?
  • What can I do in this moment to make it more productive?
  • Will I be able to look back at this moment in the future and feel happy and satisfied because of it?

It is as simple as that. If the focus is one the basic building blocks of life, the gestalt would automatically fall into place.

Having said all that, I understand how taxing it can get when we lose all the spontaneity and tax ourselves with the stress of living every moment, every minute, every hour well. So, to that I say, departures would come, every now and then we’ll automatically let off some steam and when such moments of chaos come, don’t let them bother you; embrace them and incorporate them into your being. The aim is not to live all our whole life being perfect, the aim is to just incorporate enough perfection into our lives so that we can live the life we want to.