Fear Obligation Guilt

Fear Obligation and Guilt is a type of emotional blackmail which is commonly referred to as ‘FOG’, a contrived acronym- a play on the word fog which describes something that obscures and confuses a situation or someone’s thought process. This… Read More ›

One Good Day

One good day, when I am having a string of bad days, the psyche feeds itself constant negativity and that creates a downward spiral with me in the middle. Then, I have realised all I need is one good day,… Read More ›

Things People Say

So here are another four barriers that impede effective communication. Language The language we choose to use depends (or at least it should) on the person we are talking to, the situation we are in and the task at hand;… Read More ›

No! No! Nooooo!

This blog post was supposed to be a review of a chapter in a book. And although the chapter was titled “saying no when it matters the most”, it turned out to be more focused on investing rather than daily… Read More ›