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  • 20 Good Things (for a life without regrets)

    Now my last post made me realize that while the 26-year-old me is asking the 65-year-old me to chill the eff up; the 65-year-old me would also have some things to say to the 26-year-old me; so, let me imagine… Read More ›

  • A Letter to the 65-year-old me

    I recently came across an article which listed the top 5 regrets people have in their lives. While it was illuminating, it was also kind of sad reading that article. So, I have decided to write a letter to the… Read More ›

  • Beyond the ‘I love yous’

    I think a big part of being happy in a relationship is being happy with your own self. If we are not happy with our life we tend to project that on the easiest target, the people we love, the… Read More ›

  • Tell me your dreams

    To anyone who listens to me, I suggest to them that they get a hold of Jim Rohn’s audio books and start listening to them daily. I have gone through all of them (I think) and I remember more lessons… Read More ›

  • The Little Things

      One of my favorite Authors, Adam Grant, who is currently a professor at Wharton school of business, narrates a simple yet powerful incident in one of his works; he reminisces about this moment in his childhood when he was… Read More ›

  • The 3-Goal Wishlist

    Here’s what would be a fun thing to experiment with. Take a sheet of paper and a bold permanent marker and list on it, in as bold letters as the page permits, the three main life goals for yourself. They… Read More ›

  • On structure, planning and defining things.

    In a workshop I recently attended, someone said a very insightful thing. I failed to take notes but I have done my best to retain the essence of the discussion from my memory. The theme of the workshop was leadership… Read More ›